No more “Just jiggle the handle”

We’ve worked with a 4-story building owner who saw their water and sewer bill increase over $3,000 in 12 months because of leaks and “fix it when it breaks” maintenance. They wasted energy, water, and in turn, increased their overall carbon footprint immensely. Now, imagine a commercial building like the Grand Hyatt in New York City. Now this problem is multiplied by 1,306 rooms. The challenge has been that no one has had the full picture of the effects of their running water. Until now.


Introducing First Drops™

Know how your water is being used

See water usage at a fixture level within your building. As an iOT device, First Drops can provide everything from a detailed usage report to a simple notification of a potential problem. The longer you use the device, the easier it becomes to predict a problem before it becomes one.



Know where water is being wasted

Using the data its collected over time, First Drops pinpoints the size and location of problems outside of the individual fixtures being monitored.

Save $$$ each day on water that has been flowing away

Save $$$ each day on water that has been flowing away

Use the dashboard to stay up to date

Use the dashboard to stay up to date

Predictive repair

First Drops recognizes small patterns that the repairmen isn’t able to notice and takes action to notify you. Now you’re able to schedule maintenance before a leak happens AND while the rooms are unoccupied thanks to this easy to install iOT device for your existing toilet.


Be smart about your water.

Don’t fix the toilet when it’s already flowing