Our mission is to have a positive impact on the world by delivering a unique solution that reduces the amount of fresh water being wasted and creates value for our customers, partners, employees and shareholders.  

Our History

Mobius Labs, Inc. is a high–tech startup concentrating on solving problems that result in the wasting of fresh water. Commercial building owners are susceptible to two expensive fresh water related problems:

  • Cost of wasted water that "goes down the drain"

  • Cost of repairs from a water leak

Mobius was founded four years ago as an IoT solution for water loss. The team and focus of Mobius have pivoted based on learnings from 700+ customer interviews. We are focused on finding freshwater waste at the fixture level, starting with the toilet, and adding sink, shower/tub products in the next two years. These physical devices will generate valuable data analytics added in the third year. The initial target markets for our products are hospitality and dormitories.

What We've Achieved

  • Completed NSF I-Site and recieved ~$100k in funding

  • Interviewed 700+ customers resulting in a strong go-to market strategy

  • Won NSF SBIR and recieved ~$225k in funding

  • Pilot tested pre commercial products with several major hotel brands identifying fresh water waste which totaled ~$2.7k

  • Winner of the New Hampshire State Business Plan Competition

  • Winner of the RPI Innovation award

  • Completed a 140 unit beta demo

  • Launched beta version of AI software with four demo sites

  • Partnered with three major hospitality industry internet service providers for rapid deployment