The Top Ten Conclusions from Customer Data

  1. Looking for better, financially driven, decision making with minimal distractions.

  2. Payback has to be less than 18 months.

  3. Installation has to be simple (no tools) and take less than 90 seconds.

  4. Purchase models include an all-inclusive managed service agreement (MSA) or a capital expense purchase with the multi-year data service plan.

  5. We find a water loss event on average for every 20 units each quarter. This gives a simple payback of 9 months for a MSA and 17 months for an asset purchase and data service plan.

  6. The life of the unit is expected to be 7 years, providing a very strong business case for the devices and the data analytics software.

  7. The data analytics enable strong value propositions not possible with other solutions. This includes predictive maintenance, intelligent supply chain, and smart buildings.

  8. We collaborate and partner with the hotel operators, the leadership team, two of the seven major brands and three of the five largest internet service providers (ISP).

  9. We preserve the guest experience and enable real-time analytics. We designed the data architecture with three different ISP collaborators to minimize the footprint, and maximize the efficacy for staff. As a result, we are approved for multiple methods of installation on three different multi-national ISP networks.

  10. We understand their challenges, constraints, skills and have developed a solution that meets or exceeds their expectations.