2018 NEWIN Innovator & innovation award & gala

The NEWIN 2018 Water Innovator of the Year and 2018 Water Innovation of the Year Awards Night & Gala is at the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum.

Join NEWIN members, VIPs and guests as we celebrate the hard-work and success of all the players in our regions Water-Innovation Ecosystem. Your hard-work, cooperation and collaboration is the critical component to the growth and impact of our regions water-cluster. Please join us for an evening of camaraderie, social and business networking.

The Metropolitan Waterworks museum, at the site of the original Chestnut Hill Reservoir pumping stations, is the perfect venue to highlight cutting edge Water-Innovation. The building houses three massive steam-powered pumping engines that supplied water to Boston. These engines illustrate the peak of technological innovation from the nineteenth and twentieth century. On December 5th, this amazing facility will help celebrate water-technology innovators and innovations in the twenty-first century.